Teen Entrepreneur Academy

The children are the future to entrepreneurship so the academy helps hones the skillset required to run ones own businesses.

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Hurricane Harvey Grants

The effects of a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey can have disastrous effects on small business owners.  Dreamprenuer is working to provide grants to small business owners in need

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Important Resources

Interested on starting a business and not sure where to start.  Take a look at some important resources to help move your business dreams to reality!

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It All Starts With A Dream

Having an opportunity to build a business for yourself is a strong American principle at the very backbone of this country.  According to the SBA in the past 30 years small businesses have generated 64% of new jobs and paid 44% of all private payroll in the US.  Unfortunately the dream can seem out of reach for many in underserved communities.

Dreampreneur was founded on the principle that if you can dream it you can achieve it and we are here to assist in providing the resources and support to move entrepreneurship from a dream to a reality.  From skill building classes to small business grants to resources for up and running businesses we believe this section of the American dream should be achievable by anyone with the passion, will, and determination to do so!


Interested in assisting

From nominating small business owners to assisting in raising relief funds your help is needed to make businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey get some of the resources they need to survive and thrive.