Our Approach

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship can seem like an overwhelming step.  It is the goal of Dreampreneur to assist in cultivating the critical skills and resources for those interested in entrepreneurialship, especially in underserved communities.

Our Story

As a commercial real estate broker and attorney our found has seem  countless businesses being born and unfortunately some businesses ending as well.  Throughout it all she has noticed some critical skillsets required for entrepreneurs across industries necessary to make their dreams come true.  With programs to assist in education and to provide grant assistants to small business owners the dream of owning your business can be bolstered and supported through the work of Dreampreneur's non-profit endeavors.

Meet the Team

No one knows more about the struggle, pain, triumph and freedom that came come with owning your own business than business owners.

Our board are all experienced small business owners looking to share their knowledge and resources to others pursing their own dreams in entrepreneurship.

Eleanor "Cori" Curry

Founder & CEO

Eleanor “Cori” Curry is an entrepreneur and attorney with a passion for entrepreneurship and community.

Kyra Coffey

Vice President

Kyra is a founding member for ACCE Law Groups and works as an advocate for small business owners.

Aliah Calbert


Accountant and Wedding and Events planner.