Hurricane Harvey Grant

According to FEMA 40% of small businesses never reopen their door following a natural disaster.

The businesses that feed their surrounding communities and the economy of Houston as a whole are at risk after the damage and devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

The Hurricane Harvey Grant seeks to provided much needed finacial relief for those busines owners

The grant program will work to provide relieve in the form of a monetary grant as well as donations of supplies and equipment to assist business owners in rebuilding after the devastation of the hurricane and floods.

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If you are or know of a business owner impacted by the storm and flood please apply for the Hurricane Harvey grant program.

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Make a Donation to the Harvey Grant Program

Business owners in Houston and surrounding areas are in need!  From the basic essentials to operate their business to funds to keep the doors open your donation can make the difference!

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Grant Recipents

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Your donation will go directly in the hands of business owners in need so why not make an impact of a business in need

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